The Elder Scrolls: Armistis (Russian)
Modder's Muse Russian

Change log

Version 2.1.0 beta

  1. Added field for character composing to the "Characters" tool window.
  2. Added scrolling of requests and functions dropdown lists with mouse wheel.
  3. Fixed error of missing and doubling elements on the parse page of generator panel.
  4. Added new program option "Store open documents", which restores all open documents on program restart.
  5. Fixed loading of new language to displayed "Characters" and "Library" tool windows.
  6. Fixed saving program options on program exit on Windows 7.
  7. Removed unnecessary toolbar borders when running on Windows Vista and Windows 7.
  8. Improved visualization frequency of generation process on Windows Vista and Windows 7.
  9. Added virtual column splitter to the parameter window.
  10. Splitted generator panel into two seperate panels.
  11. Changed the view of panels and tabs in the main window.
  12. Added new capacities to change align of the panels in the main window.
  13. Added blending of active tab with the document toolbar.
  14. Added new feature to save and load generator sessions.
  15. Fixed tremble when drawing the percent bar through the generaion.
  16. Added new capacity to cashe data, recieved from the linked dictionaries. It can considerably speed up the generator in some cases.
  17. Added new capacity to define alias values for the fixed pick list of dictionary parameter.
  18. Removed bold effect for the parameter values on the dictionary panel.
  19. Changed some command names.
  20. Fixed some translations.
  21. Changed some program defaults.


  1. Fixed english version of dictionary "Transliter : Russian-English".
  2. Renamed dictionary "Universal Generator" to "Templated Generator".
  3. Added language selection to the dictionary "Templated Generator ".
  4. Added information about character compatibility and probability to the dictionary "Templated Generator".
  5. Added new features to reverse parse result and convert it to schemes in the dictionary "Combinatory Parse".
  6. Increased the speed of "Syllabic Sampler" by caching the data of "Syllable Info".
  7. Added alias parameter values for all the dictionaries with the fixed pick lists.
  8. Added cities and geographical objects of Black Marsh to the package "Onomastics: The Elder Scrolls".

Version 2.0.3 beta

  1. Added missing commands of package installers deleting on program uninstall.
  2. Fixed work of "DEL" key in flowing editors of main window.
  3. Fixed applying of view preferences to "Characters" tool window.
  4. Fixed displaying of cell selection in "Characters" tool window when there is no grid.
  5. Fixed displaying of progress bar at the result page when the generation process is terminated by user.
  6. Added "Sort By" commands to the dictionary and container documents.
  7. Fixed node selection on child item insertion in containers.
  8. Added new command "Pack All" to the "File" menu item of main menu. The command packs all open documents to one folder with standart names.
  9. Fixed positioning of "Characters" and "Library" tool windows at first show.
  10. The program now restores the last active tab on next show of dialog windows with tabs.
  11. Fixed starting height of toolbar buttons with small icons and the display of toolbar splitter.
  12. Added new "Autohide" view preferences for "Characters" and "Library" tool windows. With this preference on the windows would hide if the characted is send or the library file is started.
  13. Fixed accessibility of "Move Up" and "Move Down" commands for parameters in dictionary properties dialog.
  14. Changed some default view preferences and program options.
  15. Fixed work of "Send to Parameter" command when there is no master dictionary assigned.
  16. Improved sorting of numeric generation results.
  17. Added "Register" command for the selected file of container.
  18. Simplified context menu for blocked containers.
  19. Added automatic registration of some dictionaries on program install.
  20. Fixed some translations.


  1. Fixed processing of hard and soft sign with next vowel in russian version of dictionary "Syllable Info".
  2. Added support of Cyrillic alphabet to english versions of dictionaries "Syllable Info" and "Word Info".
  3. Added support of Latin alphabet to russian versions of dictionaries "Syllable Info" and "Word Info".
  4. Added parameter "Direction" to dictionary "Transliter : Russian-English".
  5. Renamed package "Parsers and Samplers" to "Processors".
  6. Merged package "Transliters" and "Processors".
  7. Added new dictionary "Random Number" to package "Generators".
  8. Added new dictionary "Combination Parser" to package "Processors".

Version 2.0.2 beta

  1. Fixed errors in "Document" menu item displaying when working with tool windows.
  2. Fixed wrong action, assigned to "Register" menu item of generator title popup menu.
  3. Fixed saving of program options at Unicode format.
  4. Fixed eventuating error of parse page updating when the generator is running.
  5. Strongly reduced time of generation process visualization for long sessions with great line count and high generation rate.


  1. Added missing file "Ru_OrcM.txt" to russian version of package "Onomastics: Middle-earth".
  2. Fixed error of processing symbol "?" in dictionary "Universal Generator" of package "Generators".
  3. Fixed processing of hard and soft sign in russian version of dictionary "Syllable Info".
  4. Fixed translation of "Ru_HobbitL.txt" in russian version of package "Onomastics: Middle-earth".
  5. Added new package "Onomastics: Gothic".

Version beta

  1. Fixed incorrect work of new command "Send to Parameter" in containers.
  2. Fixed double-click master dictionary assignment in containers.

Version 2.0.1 beta

  1. Fixed error at generator run if the editing of parameter has not finished yet.
  2. Fixed Open Dialog displaying a wrong folder on Windows Vista at dictionary parameter file search.
  3. Fixed displaying of field "Limit" at generator summary page for groups "Parse" and "Rate" in collapsed state.
  4. Fixed updating of "Percent" and "Ratio" parse fields on the generation stop, when the parse page is active.
  5. Removed inserting condition to the most rated parse values at copying or sending results to the dictionary.
  6. Fixed color of hint marker for the selected nodes of dictionary and container documents.
  7. Changed names and translations of "Assign" and "Unregister" commands.
  8. Added "Send to Parameter "command for the selected file of container document.
  9. Fixed accessibility of "Assign Master" command for the selected file of container document.
  10. Added "Remove Duplicates" command to collection documents.
  11. Added new "Compatible" request for quick check of character compability.
  12. The program now restores visibility of tool windows on next run.


  1. Fixed wrong extraction of english syllables in the dictionary "Syllable Info" in cases of consonants combinating with character h (th, sh, ch, ph and so on).
  2. Added new package "Onomastics: Middle-earth".
  3. Added new package "Onomastics: Harry Potter".
  4. Added new package "Transliters".
  5. Renamed package "The Elder Scrolls: Onomastics" to "Onomastics: The Elder Scrolls".
  6. Renamed package "Text Utilization" to "Parsers and Samplers".
  7. Added new package "Generators".

Version 2.0 beta

  1. The program was fully rewritten. Enormous amount of changes and innovations.


  1. The first program release at Microsoft Framework platform.