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Main WindowModder's Muse is a professional word generator with text processing and analysis functions. It is oriented towards game developers, modders, fan fiction creators, writers, translators and language experts.

Using this program you can easily:

  • select a suitable name for a character of book or game, choose a nickname or creative pseudonym;
  • think of a name for city, fortress, village, dungeon, geographical object;
  • create a unique name for organization, firm, product, program, musical band;
  • use absolutely any text source for the sampled word generation;
  • invent and formalize your own language and generate words, based on it's laws;
  • perform transliteration, transcription, rendering or any other linguistic text processing;
  • implement sure search and replace of uniform text specific parts;
  • quickly prepare and carry out complex linguistic text parse;
  • use the results of the parse for quick generator programming;
  • entertain you and your friends, generating funny and absurd names, titles, words, phrases and so on.

General program specifics are:

  • Revolutionary approach to word generation, processing and analysis.
  • Implementation of any word generation principle.
  • Visual programming of generator dictionaries.
  • Handy organization and storage system for generated words.
  • Intelligent processing and analysis of text and it's parts.
  • Considered multithread interface.
  • Potentialities to create and distribute your own program packages.
  • Full Unicode support.

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