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21.03.2011 - Version 3.0.0 beta 3

Version 3.0.0 beta 3, which is the next step of program fixing and improvement, is availible for downloading. We added a new dictionary to the distribution, which is called "File to Line".

Download Modder's Muse 3.0.0 beta 3

12.03.2011 - Version 3.0.0 beta 2

We continue to improve the program and fix earlier unnoticed errors. Today we present version 3.0.0 beta 2. There was added a new feature to switch program language in any of its windows. This feature is necessary for quick editing of data in multilanguage fields, which are one of innovations of version 3.

Download Modder's Muse 3.0.0 beta 2

05.03.2011 - Version 3.0.0 beta

Today we release program version 3.0.0 beta. This release is devoted to fixing last imperfections of interface on this stage. Also the logic of generation process gets some changes.

Download Modder's Muse 3.0.0 beta

26.02.2011 - Version 3.0.0 alpha 5

Today the new version 3.0.0 alpha 3 became availible. In this release we've optimized operating with parameters, saved in INI-files, and improved the window "Summary". We've also added a new dictionary called "Shuffle Characters".

Download Modder's Muse 3.0.0 alpha 5

21.02.2011 - Version 3.0.0 alpha 4

We introduce the next alpha-version with number 4. In this release we have fixed several annoying errors and improved some things. We've found a decision, that makes it possible to forget about problems with UAC system in new versions of Windows, that can cause errors while the program saves it's config.

Download Modder's Muse 3.0.0 alpha 4

Also the design of this site has obtained some changes to display more information and to be more comfortable for reading. It is a part of preparation for appearance of the first program help pages.

13.02.2011 - Version 3.0.0 alpha 3

Today we release the third alpha of version 3.0.0. Besides minor improvements and bug fixes we've worked out the randomization of generator (ie, updating Chance value) and included the mechanism of repeated tries to eliminate the generation fails. For dessert we've added a test dictionary, which generates the names of the Imperials from the world of The Elder Scrolls.

Download Modder's Muse 3.0.0 alpha 3

06.02.2011 - Second alpha-release of version 3.0.0

Now you can download the next testing release of version 3.0.0, that we are currently developing. Fixed some errors, made some improvements. And in this version we've introduced a new system of storing descriptions for files, that cannot keep it inside (for example text files). As a result - working with onomastics has become more comfortable.

Download Modder's Muse 3.0.0 alpha 2

31.01.2011 - Release of alpha-version 3.0.0

Today we are releasing a third version of the program in alpha status. This release is for evaluation and testing. Details of innovations will be listed closer to final release of this version.

Download Modder's Muse 3.0.0 alpha

05.01.2011 - Program site moved

As you can see, the site of program has got some changes. It's related to the moving of our developers team to the new address -, where an own section with new design, that fits the common style, was created for Modder's Muse. Look at the panel at the top of each page - using this you can quickly move to other projects of our team or change the site language.

Now about the program itself. The new version is being actively developed. It contains essential improvements and a new level of capabilities. The release will be made as soon as possible, so just follow the news.

02.05.2010 - Released beta-version 2.1.0

Released new program beta-version with number 2.1.0. Serious changes have been made in the interface, improved compability with Windows Vista и Windows 7, added new features, which you can read about in the Change Log.

Download Modder's Muse 2.1.0 beta

We decided to continue the program development by releasing further beta-versions, because not all still works and looks as it should and not all program capabilities have been shown.

08.07.2009 - Released beta-version 2.0.3

While adequate release of Modder's Muse with full description and extended set of packages is being prepared, one more beta-version with number 2.0.3 was released. Version includes a great amount of changes and additions. The tentative program help now includes some sections, describing using of the program.

Added two new dictionaries for generating random numbers and for analysing character combinations in the text.

The detailed information about changes and additions is listed in the Change Log.

Download Modder's Muse 2.0.3 beta

16.06.2009 - Released beta-version 2.0.2

Next beta-version of Modder's Muse with number 2.0.2 is now availible. Fixed some program faults, strongly forced visualization of generation process for long sessions with great line count and high generation rate.

Fixed severe errors in "Universal Generator" and "Syllable Info" dictionaries. Fixed some errors in onomastics packages from previous beta-version.

Included new package named "Onomastics: Gothic" with proper names from Gothic series games by Piranha Bytes. As other onomastics, you may use it as a source for sampled word generation.

For detailed information see the Change Log.

Download Modder's Muse 2.0.2 beta

09.06.2009 - Fixed beta-version 2.0.1

The release of beta-version 2.0.1 was updated to build

Fixed incorrect work of new function, that sends the name of the selected container file to the selected generator parameter. Therein fixed the function of double-click master dictionary assignment.

Download Modder's Muse beta

08.06.2009 - Released beta-version 2.0.1

Released new beta-version of Modder's Muse with number 2.0.1. Fixed several small interface errors, added several useful functions for work with program documents and generator. Added a new generator request for quick character compatibility check.

Included 4 new packages:

  • Generators
  • Transliters
  • Onomastics: Middle-earth
  • Onomastics: Harry Potter (demo)

And the update of packages from the previous version:

  • Parsers and Samplers
  • Onomastics: The Elder Scrolls

Added tentative version of program help, that includes some information about generator structure.

Download Modder's Muse 2.0.1 beta